What makes our dealership unique?  It's our ability to recognize that in today's market we need to meet your needs and work around what for most customers is a very busy lifestyle.  That is why we offer a vast selection of used vehicles to fit almost anybody's driving needs.  We have an array of flexible financing plans suited to fit any budget.  We pride ourselves in presenting a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles, with a web site that presents you with ample pictures of the vehicle, equipment lists, descriptions of the vehicle, warranties.  If you live in New England, great we are close by.   For some of our customers, a trip to Vermont is not necessary, they have purchased from us over the phone and had the car shipped to them.  

New Hampshire customers pay No Vermont Taxes!

For that matter, any customer living outside of Vermont and takes their vehicle back home will not have to pay Vermont taxes on a vehicle purchased at Upper Valley Auto Mart.


What is the source of your inventory?

We have many different sources for the cars and trucks we stock.  Vehicles may have come in trade from new or used car operations within the family of stores that Upper Valley Auto Mart is a member of, have been purchased at dealer sales, off-lease vehicles, direct purchases from customers or purchased from other dealers, banks and credit unions.  We sell cars with clean titles, this means we will never retail salvage, or flood vehicles unless specifically noted. 

What source of payments do you accept?
 We accept verified cashier checks drawn on US banks, in US funds, local checks  subject to approval, wire transfers and cash.  In addition we offer financing through several national lenders, regional banks and local credit unions.  If you are interested in getting pre-approved for credit, please click on our on-line credit application link to the left.

I live out of state and want to fly in or take the train to buy my car?

No problem!  We have had customers do this before and it is easy.  Please make arrangements to fly into Lebanon Municipal Airport (Airport code LEB) and we will pick you up.  
Amtrak  serves the White River Junction area with a station in town. (Station code WRJ)  This stop is just a few blocks from Upper Valley Auto Mart.  No matter what method you chose, please call ahead of time giving us your travel itinerary so we can meet you.

What about Warranties?

Most of our used vehicles come with a warranty, the exception being some of the lower priced older vehicles that are sold as-is because of the very low price range and age of the vehicle.  In addition to the warranty that comes with the vehicle, Upper Valley Auto Mart offers a complete range of optional service contracts
  that are honored nationwide.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Do you accept trades?

Yes we do!  For a value on your trade please complete our on-line Trade In Value

What about transportation?

If you decide to purchase on-line or over the phone and do not want to travel to Vermont, we would be happy to help post your vehicle on-line with Central Dispatch, a leading web site for the trade, that allows registered trucking companies to be notified that you have a car to ship.  We are able to provide you quotes for previous transfers that closely match your location, so you will have an idea what it has cost other customers to move their vehicle either a couple states away or clear across the country.

What other fees are there besides the purchase price?

On-line prices do not include any taxes, registration fees, or transportation. 
If you live outside of Vermont and are taking the vehicle out of Vermont, good news Vermont Purchase and Use taxes do not apply, hence no taxes will be collected by the dealership.  In addition, we are able to supply a 30 day transit plate to customers taking their purchase out of Vermont at no charge.  This will allow you to drive the vehicle for up to 30 days on the transit plate, allowing you time to register it your home state.  If you live in Vermont and register the vehicle here, you will be required to pay to the State of Vermont a 6% Purchase and Use tax on the net purchase price after a reduction for any previously registered trade in.  For more information on Vermont registration fees, click here  to visit the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles web site.  If you have any questions about special plates or higher weight class vehicles, please contact us to verify any fees.


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