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Many dealers or websites give you an estimate or a range of values, Upper Valley Auto Mart will get review your information and get back to you with a certified offer^ that is good for 5 days or 500 miles, which ever comes first.

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Save time at the dealership.  Over 75% of the appraisal process can be done on-line when it is convenient for you.  Once you arrive we will inspect and verify your vehicles condition, allowing us to complete your purchase or give you a check for your vehicles wholesale value if you want to sell it to us. 

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Benefits of trading in. 

Save time and hassles - no stress.

Trying to sell your car privately can be a hassle.  It is stress you don't need.  You have to do things like take photos, post it online, figuring out if you want to try a free listing or pay for an on-line listing to get more exposure.  You will need to  field phone calls, answer e-mails and have strangers come to your home for test drives. You also need to ensure your car is kept clean at all times, maintained and all parts are working to get a good offer and chance of selling it.  You will probably be asked to hold it while people try to work out their financing.  Trading your vehicle with us saves you the hassles, waste of time and headaches.

Save on taxes.

When you trade in your vehicle and purchase another vehicle, you only pay purchase and use (sales) tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the price of the vehicle you are purchasing.  That saves you money, reducing monthly payments or the cash outlay.  Consider this a $15,000 trade at Vermont's 6% tax rate equals $900.  That is a lot of money you save up front by trading.

Our Offers.

Our certified offer^ is based on the accuracy of the information supplied by yourself and outside service providers we contract with.  The offer is good for 5 days or 500 miles, provided that the miles on the car do not go over an incremental 10,000 mile mark or are within 100 miles of going over an incremental 10,000 mile mark [i.e. car was valued based on 99,700 miles but had 100,050 when presented to us for a physical inspection]  Once you arrive at the store, ask for the contact person that provided you with our offer and we will promptly verify the information and condition of the vehicle based on your description.  Then you can proceed with the purchase of a vehicle from us or sell us your car.   

^Offers are made based on the assumption that any previous body/paint work was done in a professional workman like manner. Not all vehicles will qualify for an offer due to market conditions, specialty vehicles, high mileage or age.  Offers may not be used to trade or sell certain kinds of vehicles at Upper Valley Auto Mart's discretion, including without exception current model year or newer vehicles, exotic vehicles, commercial vehicles, vehicles used as a taxi, rental vehicle, livery, police, fire or governmental use, rebuilt or salvage vehicles, vehicles without a valid VIN assigned to them by the manufacturer, gray market vehicles or vehicles not originally sold in the United States, altered vehicles, vehicles with emissions equipment missing or not functioning as designed, odometers that don't function, have been replaced or the true mileage is not available, vehicles that have been offered for sale at a wholesale auction in the past 120 days or vehicles that are not currently registered in the name of the party asking for the offer.  Should we discover any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the information provided to us we will modify or withdraw the offer. Offers require the title to be present or a copy of the same from a lender holding it, will all owner on the title signing off in person and verification with a lienholder/Lessor of any balances owed.  Upper Valley Auto Mart reserves the right to modify or withdraw any offer in their sole discretion with no liability.